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Egypt has a history so profoundly more complicated than is currently understood; most of what we know about Egypt has to be reexamined from an evidentiary standpoint versus what extremely questionable academic sources from the past have informed the modern world of.

For instance their was a culture previous to current research almost entirely unknown in Egypt which existed from an unknown point in the distant past to 4000 b.c.e. when they were conquered by a group of monotheistics from the middle east.

The pre-4000 b.c.e Egyptian empire I theorize were called “The Bird People” or as the later middle eastern and Greek insult would suggest “The people of the birds” (hence the modern reference to you are for the birds, insult. Pointing at the head rotating ones finger and whistling like a bird. With additional phrases like, you have gone our of your tree, Coo Coo, etc. bird and flight references.).


I theorize the evidence for previous cultures and kingships in Egypt previous to Pharaonic Egypt are the names each kingdom gave/forced to give their new King. They were at least for a time allowed to keep their original languages.

Five conquered tribes; five names.

·  1 Horus name; the now erased tribe of able

Symbol; the bull’s tail.

This name and tribe were the pre-pharonic and early pharaoh’s of Egypt pre-the scorpion king.

In a way; taking Cains symbol the bull as a trophy after death/resurrection. Since he  could have been the first to be resurrected; this would pose a profound problem for later monotheists and polytheists tribes. With the standard behavior pattern of; give me that secret or die/be erased.3

·  2 Nebty ("two ladies") name ; the tribe of Adam

  • Nekhbet, patron deity of Upper Egypt, represented by a vulture. Would be Lilith since Lilith is depicted as being a bird/harpy
  • Wadjet, patron deity of Lower Egypt, represented by a cobra. The snake corrupting her in the garden.


·  3 Horus of Gold; the conquered by Horus (IWNW to Heliopolis;) the golden bird people.

·  4 Throne name (praenomen) ; descendants of set/caine (since in both names are the word throne).

Builder of the first city (dedicated to monotheism) after killing his brother; a throne would be his symbol

·  5 Personal name (nomen); his home tribe name.

Picking a name or having a name picked for you


Egypt is the name of the temple of Ptah.


Ptah being the creator god; symbol bull. Pharaoh Mem built a temple to Ptah in LUZ aka Memphis (renamed in  his honor) circa 2600 b.c.e



This is my theory

I think that refugees from the war between the pagans and the monotheists lasted so long that the survivors of the battles (specifically the monotheists) streamed into Egypt from the middle east.

As they streamed into Egypt from the Middle East they had to be placed somewhere.

Previous to 3200 b.c.e they cohabited with the bird people (the pre-Pharaonic people of Egypt.) of the yet to be renamed Egypt. Although the pagan “bird people of Egypt” inhabitances were not exactly thrilled with the monotheistics evidence shows a uneasy peace (missing evidence of a continuation of battles) between them.

Upper Egypt was for one specific set of polytheistic male bird tribes, lower Egypt was for the female snake tribes .

The Pharaonic headdress is a map of Egypt.

Eyes looking east to the sun; and the three kings.

The blue eyebrows and eye liner are the Nile.

The gold and blue are the land and canals of western, left side of the Nile.

The City of luz aka the bone at the base of the skull which connects the skull and the spine is contained within the framework of the canal system.

The crook in the dirty hand are the monotheistic slaves conquered by Narmer

The flail is in the right hand is the ultimate symbol for power and holding that power over the entire body of Egypt.

The bird framework in the clothing, necklaces, etc. is not only a sign of a conquered people but of a partnership with them. Imperial Rome copied this exact framework of sociological infrastructure with the concept of Pax Romana. Peace under the protection/power of Rome.

Rome itself has just as hidden a past as the city of Cairo/Memphis/luz. The City was conquered (semi) by the commanding general of the Villanovan ii culture. He and his twin brother were attacked by the “city of 7 hills.” The small ancient city; who’s ruins can be still viewed just outside the 7 hills area (alba longa). When the 7 hills attacked they lost, and lost huge; suffering massive casualties. They had no army at the end of the battle. But the battle destroyed the home city. So instead of trying to rebuild the ruined city; the commanding general Romulus chose to take the now mostly abandoned city of 7 hills; since the city was in mostly pristine shape and the army was destroyed. So he choose to move into the city and erase the previous inhabitance history. I built this city of 50,000 plus in a day.

Repeating that same pathology from that  minute forward. When Cairo/Memphis was conquered its original pre-Pharaonic “bird people” name of Luz meaning “the eternal city” was erased from Egyptian history and Rome had a new nickname.

Partially because the Villanovan ii culture were refugees from the Dorian culture. Who themselves were from the Hyksos invasions of turkey. The Hyksos were themselves at the time rulers and pharaoh’s of Egypt. The earliest roman leaders and said had vast libraries and knew about the 2000 years of their history.

When the Vatican seized power after Constantine moved the capital to his new city to found the Byzantium empire. What Constantine did not take with him; the Vatican either sealed the libraries and the history of the past 4000 years into vaults or outright burned the information. Repeating the same erasing the previous cultures history pathology.


So when Narmer gathered an army to conquer the lands around the Nile river. He forced everyone under his rule.

However he did allow an area for the monotheistics to have a refugee/reservation area

The reservation area is on the left/dirty/west side of the Nile between lower (Nile delta) and upper Egypt. Egypt during those times was divided into 4 major zones.





Specific tribes were allowed in designated areas only. The monotheistic refugees were allowed only on the left side of the Nile.

Heliopolis is founded and a capital city long before 3500 b.c.e.

Previous to the building of the pyramids; Giza, Sakkara, and Abusir were all locations were megaliths were built by the people of Kaern (possibly the “bird people” both the Egyptians and Greek's mention.).

Tower of babyle/Eridu was sacked

After the battle the forces of the pagans in the middle east formed an army and came after the monotheistic army that burnt the library/university/ziggurat to the ground.

Commanded by General Nimrod; Abraham and his forces are chased all over the Sinia and into Egypt.

Once in Egypt they are allowed on the left side of the Nile between upper and lower Egypt. They set their tents up close to the present day Sakkara.

Sakkara is where Abraham built his first alter. A stone structure which is designed like their tabernacle (holiest of holy) tents. But considering the heat, many of these (yet to be called) synagogues are partly built below ground. since during about 9 months of the year the temperature in the shade is around 120’ while 20 feet below ground it is an almost chilly 64’.

So for rabbi’s and said, the best place to keep out of the heat, study, conduct classes, ensure some level of protection from a dominating society who thinks nothing of attacking and abusing the citizens on a boring late afternoon. The temples/alters are built like fortresses.

The first temple/alter has a causeway pointing to the displaced homeland in the area of Hebron. Where the patriarch or father patriarch and several members of his family will one day have their graves. The causeway connects the first temple to his and families eventual graves. Just because something else occurred in that same area 2500 years later is an interesting concept to examine.

Abrahams grandson close to luz at a location of an ancient megalith; chooses to tear down the megalith and build a grand sanctuary with three separate monuments to the three great hero’s/prophets of monotheism. Adam, Noah, and Abraham.