One of the most interesting things about researching the Weave of Time are the facts of how many times the ancients put the components out into the world to be separately discovered.

The Tarot has an incredible history, but a history so marked by violent protest most of the truth behind the Tarot has not only been lost but it has been intentionally hidden.

This book is in a way not about describing the Symbolic nature of the Tarot but describing the structure of the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana and of course the Court. Three entirely separate things which are directly connected to each other. For the Suits the ace-10 and the court are more than directly connected; but they are two separate things.

The ancients when burying the secrets of the coordinance of the Tarot had to directly linked to latitude and longitude. The major arcana is partially about time frames involved. But since all three have time stamps, each not only have a time stamp association, each have a time stamp consistency.


But the facts of the case are clear. The Hyksos army from 2500 b.c.e to present has been absolutely relentless regarding seeking out Jews and erasing their existence. Destroying all related material. Side note, a few years ago an entirely huge almost millennia old library was burned to the ground because one book a student slipped a note into that book regarding a thought he was havingin about Islam. A imam found that note, and was so offended  he declared the entire library had become corrupted by a single word in that note and ordered the entire library and all contentes destroyed. That one word was so offensive that a millennia of information was destroyed to satisfy that imam. That one word was so offensive to him and it went so far against allah that all associated/related martial also had to be destroyed.

This destroying library’s is not uncommon. Islam is a direct offshoot of the Hyksos people. The Hyksos are direct at least what the archaeology evidence says about the city of Mecca. Esau’s descendants have been for the most part in control of that are area for the majority of the last 4500 years. The Hyksos regularly destroy library’s they feel are against their philosophy/version of god.

So they prevent the furthering of information or the history of said information based on the facts the Hyksos/Islamic Philosophy is so holy that anything which contradicts said philosophy needs to be destroyed. Which the fundamentals of that come from the War in Heaven; when god gave man free will and Lucifer started a war to force man to worship god in the way Lucifer chose was the correct way. In a very realistic way, the followers of Esau/Hyksos/Avaris/Dorians/Islamic cultures are following the will of Lucifer in forcing the world to worship god in a very specific way and no other way is acceptable. Removing the “will of god” choice, because obviously there is only one way to worship god.

Because of this, those that the Hyksos would lovingly and gladly beat to death have chosen to break up ancient secrets and scatter those secrets around hoping someone would come along and reassemble the ancient secrets into their ancient format.

The tarot is one such piece of a secret. Although there are many how are tarot experts, almost no one knows about the matrix buried inside the tarot.

Just like the Futhark 24 symbols, the Tarot is divided into three sections.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana


The Tarot, the Futhark, and Hebrew. Hebrew Structure




Indo European


Symbolic Meanings


Futhark Science





Calendars Full Table











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