Cultural memory

o   There are some aspects to life the universe and everything which are so ingrained they are not possible to pull from the psyche.

o   All cultures in some way, shape, or form want/need to discover their roots.

o   Discovering their roots is a fine and dandy thing to do; provided the information is available and some war lord or politician have not purposely erased or destroyed the available evidence to tell their story instead of the original one.

o   Some of the original memories from this culture are of the concept of a traveling circus, carnival, etc. those memories may have been reconstituted from the past. But those concepts track back to the institutional memory of the tent cities as they moved round for a wide variety of reasons.

  Some cultures still remember and have stories about city and populations so large they moved in tents. The entire thing seems to be absolutely beyond belief. That a city of 50,000 several hundred thousand, or even more than a million could possibly move around.

  But the tent cities would have had to move with the flow of the ice.

  An ingenious method of tracking their position on the glacier, the time of a generation, the time of year, season, month, day, hour, and minute would have to be created in order to effectively travel on a glacier.

  The cultural memory of this time keeping device became so ingrained it has seeped into most aspects of life since.

  We know them today as

         megaliths aka Stonehenge.


         Jack and the bean stock