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Crucifixion Stonehenge Giza Orion


Several important facts regarding both the history of crucifixion and Jewish funerary rites.



Jewish funerary rites are extremely specific; no Jewish male can either witness, be close to, and in some cases face in the general direction of said death/execution.

Only women can be not only present but touch the body immediately afterwards. What women is just as specifically outlined.

Only blood relations. Of those blood relation are; mother, sisters, grandmothers (preferably the mothersmother), wife, daughters. No men (unless specifically stated regarding no one is close, available, alive, etc.)

The rules become exponentially more strict if two separate categories are present.

First if the male is a rabbi; great temple trained (privileges), Solomonís temple privileges, inner sanctum trained.

Second if the male is of royal blood line descended.

In this specific case of Emmanuelle he was both; a rabbi who was also a Royal. How highly ranked royal; just look at his mother, father, and what he was allowed to get away with and not be executed on the spot.


Temple privileges


Esauís line immediately hated him and wanted him dead

Rumored to have blue eyes


Church of the Holy Sepulchre Floor Plan



The circle/rotunda is what remains of the megalith he was buried under. A key burial and resurrection component regarding all resurrection rites. The Megalithic structure is a key component; example the pyramids are remodeled ancient megaliths. The Giza Plateau used to look like Stonehenge; remodeled under permission from pharaoh Narmer circa 3200-2100 b.c.e. the practice was both stopped when the Esau line descended Hyksos invaded, and altered to fit the Hyksos needs.

File:Golgotha cross-section.svg(similar confluguration of the demolished church over the tomb as at stonhenge and the kings chamber Khufu; just off center to the west. )



Although for a time circa 1600-1330 the Jacobís line coupe díata took over Egypt ruling as pharaohs which ended with tut. His older sister was pharaoh from after Amenhotep iv died and tut was old enough to take over the throne. His sister with a huge entourage probably sent decades before if not during Amenhotep iiiís reign set up a new kingdom in first Spain; which proved to be a very bad idea. Then in Northern England; which proved to be a perfect location. Where by legend Scotia and her family ruled till the Romans invaded. Being stopped dead cold at New Castle Northumberland. By legend Scotiaís descendants were still in charge after the Roman empire collapsed and where still running a successful kingdom {new Egypt; which more than a few signs in Northumberland point almost directly to this word and phrase being used in at least 10 separate locations}till the Pictish revolt circa 600-800 ce. Forcing the Ogle Royal family to exile in Normandy (the land of the people of the vertical north) till William rose an army and took the UK back. Holding the UK till the war of the Roses and Cromwell.

After the crucifixion it is rumored that several close family members of Jesus Christ traveled to Northumberland. A rumor regarding one of the burial cups used to anoint the body was taken to Northumberland.

It is rumored a Roman soldier aided in most aspects of Jesusís life. Which would account for why Joseph and mary were able to sneak into town; into the mansion of the strongest/most powerful Jacob descended family of the area.

Which could also be why the three were able to escape into Egypt from his age 5-30.

This roman soldier could have been a family member; some Jewish families did own property in Rome Rome was founded by descents of Troy; troy the very word itself means ďDescendants of JacobĒ.

Just because history skips the details regarding settling Alba Longa first; then invading Rome 400 years later, those little details are usually skipped. Troy circa 1250 b.c.e, Rome 750 b.c.e.

Why is this important; why would Maryís uncle joseph of arimathea be allowed to chat with Pilot? This would be much easier if Joseph was either a high ranking Roman soldier or Roman citizen diplomat.

Sanhedrin; is a Jewish diplomat, proving Joseph was both the highest standing royal of his line but also that would have provided him with roman diplomatic statue. Allowignh him to travel to the UK; to drop off the burial items from the crucifixion.

Ironically Joseph could have arrived onlly a few decades after I theorize Cleopatra arrived in the same area as well.


Impossible to travel from Bethlehem to Northumberland without extreme to the max assistance from Rome itself. Possibly even an emperorís signature on a passport. Which either a General, Diplomat, or a regional senator would have; Sanhedrin does come with said type of passport.

Jesus was not crucified; he was executed like any other noble Royal.


A few decades ago a small container with several small cups was found in a church in Northumberland. Those cups were designed to hold various sacred oils used to anoint the body. Frankincense and murr among other oil residue was found.



St Helena could be a descendant of Meritaten; meaning the Roman emperor which he also took on the title of Pharaoh married a descendants of Pharaoh Amenhotep ivís daughter who was a pharaoh for several years in Egypt on her own right. One pharaoh of Northumberland married the daughter of another from Rome pharaoh.


St Helena discovering the location required the use of a mathematics of which the single number line is mere shadow of this mathematics former self.

I call it Northumberland Mathematics; this could be the same mathematics both St Helena used as well as the ancient Jacob line descended Magi.