Conspiracy Wannsee Conference

 20 January 1942. Just seven months after Rudolf Hess defected 10 May 1941. Less than six months after the launch of Operation Barbarossa, which occurred just six little weeks after Hess defected.

This first of two conferences took place


Buried extremely deep within the transcript of the Wannsee conference are very deeply hidden innuendo’s regarding the Tabernacle System of Adam. That System the Third Reich possessed at least one working Tabernacle System, which very likely came directly from Bellingham Washington and the War which occurred from 1750-1830. Although at the time The War Centered from Castle Bellingham the current location of the Peace Arch

The Tabernacle System the Armies of the World fought over Between Castle Bellingham and the Castle/Tabernacle which used to be were the Peace Arch is now, which could have been a recreation of Bamburgh Castle

The Whatcom County Tabernacle System was taken apart and moved back to Germany since Germany possessed a large enough army to keep it safe as well as a sufficient Scientific community to also keep it safe.

The problem is, once in the hands of the Kaiser. The recently moved from Whatcom County to Leipzig Tabernacle of Adam system which could easily have been connected to or the actual Tabernacle System Aeneas took out of Troy immediately before Agamemnon arrived to Kill every last Jew he could find. Although the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris are not called Arians, this is the group of cultures which Adolf referenced as the origin of the Arian culture. Along with the Avaris/Hyksos Moses commander with his Jewish Slave Shield Wall. The Hyksos and the Avaris were Pharaoh’s of Egypt, one member of the Avaris/Hyksos was Moses. Who force marched the Jews out of Israel and into Levant, then change the name of Levant to Israel. With his adopted family changing all the names of Israel in Egypt to Avaris names to hide the fact that Israel was in Egypt. The Hebrew’s have spent the last 3300 years continuing to fight to make sure the Israelites do not know or remember or worse believe that Israel and Jerusalem are actually in Egypt. Heliopolis is actually Greek for Jerusalem. Heliopolis Egypt is literally Jerusalem Egypt. Previous name IWNW. The city of IWNW was by legend built by Adam, to reflect the Tabernacle System he worked in which was built around the Four Rivers of Creation and the Four Trees of Creation which are on the banks of those four Rivers. The Structure Adam did is job in was built out of a combination of those four Trees. The Structure is the Tabernacle System of Adam. Esau’s line both his ancestors and descendants have had a goal, culturally almost entirely subconscious. The goal has been to seize control over the Tabernacle Systems of Adam and use them to control the destiny of the world. At  no point over the course of the history of man in the Western world has the plan worked. Every single time Esau’s ancestors and descendants manage to find and seize a working system, they can never get it to work. They only end up hurting themselves or killing themselves. The rage about being denied the power to work with the System has driven more than a few of Esau’s descended cultures literally crazy.

After the Keiser was deposed, the Third Reich took over. After the Third Reich took over, they seized control and forced the Jews to make it work. It would be an interesting study of find out if the Keiser attempted to make the System under his direct authority work, but Lobotomized himself in the effort. It is possible Keiser Wilhelm used the legends and rumor of the Tabernacle system in Prussia to seize power, then use said System to become emperor. Wilhelm II 15 June 1888 to 9 November 1918. But 16 November 1797 – 7 June 1840 Frederick William III saw the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire 1806 and the Rise of Napoleon invadeGermany. Few can deny that Napoleon after invading Germany had more than a few mental issues. Could Napoleon have attacked Germany in order to seize the library system of Rome. Which would have contained information about ancient WMD.


The Jewish Slaves were in part being forced to make the Tabernacle of Adam System work. But Hess defected in order to literally bring an end to the Tabernacle War.

Which is really interesting since the Third Reich Tabernacle War versus the British (not English but British) Hess flew at least one flight to Northumberland in order to obtain a Cease Fire. The British had literally won the Tabernacle War against the Third Reich.

This Tabernacle War was close to the exact the same War (oddly enough some of the same exact equipment was used Britain V Third Reich as Simon Peter v Paul) The Evil Priest Paul fought versus Pharaoh/Pope (Hieroglyphic<translated into Hieroglyphic from Indo-European Language> and Latin respectively) Simon Peter.

That War between Simon Peter and Paul occurred because Caesar had the Temple of Solomon where it had been disassembled and shipped by circa 500 b.c.e to Rome and reassembled. Caesar personally ordered the dismantling of the City of Memphis old name Luz (Genesis 28), shipped to Rome and reassembled.

Caesar’s ancestors had the City and Tabernacle System of Carthage the same thing. But not reassembled. Caesar had the Tabernacle Systems of Troy, Carthage, Thebes, Heliopolis, Memphis, Alexandria Lighthouse, Tyre, etc. reassembled in Rome.

With the Assumption “He whom controls the Tabernacle System of Adam, controls the world”. Some of those buildings were disassembled and moved out of Rome to Constantinople by Constantine the Great before he lost power. One of the reasons his enemies hated him so badly was because he did take down the WMD Tabernacles and ship them out. They thought if they killed him they could simply take them back, but only a select few have any idea what they are doing. Several of the Previous emperors from Caesar, Augustus, his descendants, and the emperors to follow of different family lines had tried to make the systems in Rome work and ended up lobotomizing themselves. Or worse producing extremely inappropriate behavior from interaction with a tool they should never have touched. The Vatican had to be rebuilt because at least one of the Tabernacle Systems of Adam was where the Vatican sits now. When Constantine disassembled and moved those buildings out, the Esau line Paul devotees rebuilt but they had little idea what they needed to rebuild. So they slapped together what they could. Negative aspects of burning every book but those that tell you how great you are. Killing every scholar who might tell you things you do not want to know. All those Jewish scholars killed in Rome by Paul devotees that knew about the Tabernacle System and how to use it, Paul and his devotees continuously hoist themselves on their own petard. They literally blow themselves up/destroy themselves out of pure arrogant ignorance. The many times the Vatican has been replaced with new buildings, not any of the designers knew about or built according to the Tabernacle of Adam System specifications. The Sistine Chapel is in entirely the wrong place, and shape. Beautiful, no doubt but still wrong. The building should be shaped more like the Kaaba and about 100 feet tall. The Problem is, the building can never be moved or the frescos will be destroyed. But the Tabernacle System which used to be in the Center of Rome where the ruined Forum now sits, that used to be its own Tabernacle System. That System can be rebuilt. Some of the buildings are still in their original configurations. The City of Seven Hills was built by and for Jews as a city to replace their Pyramid Structures in Israel. When the Hyksos/Nazi invaded Egypt/Israel the Jews in Egypt circa 2100 b.c.e evacuated to several places among them Italy and the Aegean. The Hyksos followed, but could only make it as far as the Aegean before the Thera Volcanic eruption destroyed them circa 1530. The City of Seven Hills was designed to be a Pyramid Synagogue replacement. The Seven areas of Pyramids and the Seven Hills of Rome, were designed to reflect each other. The City of Seven Hills originally was designed to tell the story of Genesis. Some portions of the Architecture of originally Rome still exist and original Genesis can still be read in the engineering specifications of the buildings themselves.

The Spear of Longinous is just one tool in the Tabernacle System. One tool is like a scalpel in an Operating Room. A blade can achieve a huge amount, but the Room and other equipment is needed as well.


The no less than one flight of Hess from the Third Reich to Northumberland or its old pre-Pictish revolt name Yr Hen Ogle dd. Was to secure a peace deal between the third Reich and the British. Evidently the War between Tabernacles was too intense and needed to be ended.

Before Rudolf Hess defected, only a very small handful of people knew about the Tabernacle System in Germany (very likely SS-Oberführer (Senior Colonel) Erich Neumann, he absolutely knew about it after Hess defected. It was part of his job to make the Rabbi’s make it work.). That very small group of people, grew after Hess’s defection and capture. His plane was full of papers, the tools which he gave to the British. His body double surrendered to the English, he surrendered to the British Jews. Those papers were the key to making the Tabernacle System work. When it was revealed that Hess took with him the keys to making the system work, the men at the Wannsee Conference they were so angry they could not function. Their rage only increased due in part to the facts the Jews in the previous four years had only managed to Lobotomize by EST several key Party Officials. The four year plan was in part designed to force the Jews to either make it work and we will let you live, or continue to refuse to cooperate and we kill you where you stand. Always with the treat of killing mass numbers of Jews till the Rabbi’s who knew about the Tabernacle System cooperated. Make it work or I will kill that entire village. Many of the mass executions were not about genetic purging but to force those Rabbi’s who knew how to make it work to turn the system into a Weapon of Mass destruction. The more the Rabbi’s refused the more of the populations were executed.

In addition, a need to dispose of the bodies became of critical importance. The evidence of electrocution needed to be covered up. Especially the number of bodies being electrocuted would literally draw attention. So a need to be able to dispose of hundreds to thousands of bodies whom had died of electrocution became one of the major reasons for the camps to dispose of said bodies efficiently. Difficult to dispose of 100,000 or 500,000 body’s unless mass cremations are performed. Wood does not burn hot enough or fast enough to destroy with efficiently. So a more efficient system was required. This months and years before this conference were the disposing of the electrocuted bodies were disposed of was given a huge increase to instead of genocide as simply a threat, genocide to kill every single Jew was proposed. Treblinka circa 1939 had already been up and working for years before the Wannsee conference. Heydrich took the successes of disposal at Treblinka and other similar camps and expanded them exponentially.

















Buried very deep within the Four Year Plan was the Tabernacle System of Adam. The Four Year plan was to make that System work and to make more to make them work. What is one bomb when you can have a dozen bombs. The third Reich might have assumed that if they had more than one they could dominate the entire planet by using more than one System. But the tabernacle system seized from Germany which could have used to be in Whatcom County, previous was in Northumberland, previous was in Germany, previous was in Rome, previous Carthage, previous Troy, Previous Heliopolis, Previous Hierakonpolis, Previous possibly built by Adam himself or a copy of one of the ones he built.  That System the Third Reich could not make it work correctly, they ended up doing more damage to themselves than they influenced on their enemies. Also the Tabernacle Systems of Russia and Britain worked to some degree and damaged the third Reich beyond compare. 


Monuments Men; one of their tasks was to find and secure the Tabernacle System the Third Reich had not only seized but had used. Officially the group was formed in the late 1930s, had a huge mission shortly after Hess’s defection. But became official and public a little over a year after Hess defected.

They were with a SAS team which parachuted deep into Poland to intercept the trains carrying the Russian fake Tabernacle System of Adam aka the Russian Amber Room. The Room the Russians built as quickly as they could after they were informed Operation Barbarossa was on its way. The Russians took their Prussian Fake and disassembled it, moved it somewhere unknown at present. Who knows it might be a mausoleum for some rich Russian or communist leader. It does not matter much, the Prussian room was a fake anyway. The Prussian Room was built based on eye witness accounts and to safe face because the area the Prussians captured instead of finding what they wanted to find they found only an empty room. So the Prussians created a replica in the Baroque style. A Yugo dressed up to look like a Rolls Royce is still just =Yugo As well as weeks before to assist the Russians with dismantling their Fake Prussian Amber Room. Two separate Fake Rooms and Systems each based in part on eyewitness accounts of the correct original systems. The Russians witnessed said in Whatcom County, and the Prussians by taking those whom were present in the decades previous to Prussia taking portions of Germany and interviewing them to find out what the original looked like and to recreate it best as their arrogance and ego would allow. The Prussian room never worked correctly for the Prussians, so they gave it to Russia. Their Rabbi’s could make it work correctly, or at least better than the Prussians. The Russians in the 1800s were less anti-Semitic than the Prussians, the Prussians had no problem being just shy of third Reich violent with their Jews.

But the Problem is, the Russians witnessed first-hand a working System in Whatcom County. The Russians were present in Whatcom County for decades before Captain George Picket became assigned to seize control over Castle Ogle what was renamed Picket Tower, a few feet behind the current location of the Pickett House on Bancroft street Bellingham Washington State.

It would be utterly fascinating if the Third Reich was in a Tabernacle of Adam War with both the British and the Russians. Hess surrendering to the British instead of to the Russians.


The Wannsee Conference was designed to be a consolidation of power by second tear underlings from the officials in charge of the Third Reich. The first and second assistance to the people in charge. Himmler, Goering, Frick, Bormann, etc. it is clear Reinhard Heydrich was very interested in superseding his Boss Himmler to seize more power for the Third Reich and if possible replace him. Since Himmler was not going to live forever and had partially already succumb in various ways to the EST Lobotomy from working with an electrical tool he had no idea how to use.


It is at this conference where the Third Reich chose to instead of trying to continue to force the Jews and Rabbi’s to make the System work, and turn it into a powerful Weapon for the Third Reich that they needed to use more persuasive methods. The killing/genocide of the Jews had not been on a large scale previous to this conference. Some experiments and a few hundred had been gas’ed to death. But not the radical numbers immediately after this conference was concluded.

Heydrich was interested in either making the Tabernacle WMD work by killing the Jews on mass till the system worked, or kill every last Jew on the continent.

Make the System work as a weapon or the entire lot of you will be exterminated.

Heydrich was missing both patience and compassion. He delighted in the idea that either the Jews were all going to be killed outright, or they would be forced to work to death. For Heydrich he had grown board with constantly threatening Rabbi’s, for some Rabbi’s it did not matter at all how many of their fellow Jews were killed they simply refused to cooperate. “Make it work or I will kill 100 of your friends. You have 15 minutes to make it work. I will till 100 every 15 minutes till you make it work. Do  not believe me, ok” then turn to kill about 10 in a group entirely randomly to prove the point. Make that WMD work or else I will kill every single last Jew on the planet earth.

Not a single good thing about these actions, minus of course the documentation which exists almost no other place.