History Connections and the Map of Time



When various events in history collide into each other, those events take on a mark.


Those marks have a direct and permanent interaction within the framework of the flow of time. Which is directly reflected within the framework of the Hall of Records.


For instance the conquest of New York city has its origins in 10k events from Western Culture’s past. To name a few the Trojan War, the 18th Egyptian Dynasty, the Pyramids, the city of Hierakonpolis, etc. The list is well beyond 10k connections.

The point is, the connections each have their own unique “math.” Those math’s associated can be directly translated into letters, and those letters in various combinations will lead directly to word combinations which will make sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and eventually entire book volumes.


Each location has a specific set of maths/counts associated.

For instance the birthday of America is July 4 1776. Those letters are connected to the second month of the Futhark year based on the fixed point of mid-summer. The 4th has a direct correspondence to a day in the second month. 1776 according to the Julian/Gregorian calendar also has its own specific letter associations.










TR Welling