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Table of contents

Khufu and Hajj



Giza Theory

FreeMasonic Information

Welling Navigation System





1.       English Royal family

2.      English Royal family the Ogles

a.       The city traded controlling hands several times from 1066-1580; finally coming to a political rest in Scotland. The university could have been founded earlier if not for the constant warfare; which the Royal family of Northumberland took first hand part in. Even when King David II of Scotland 1346 was taken prisoner at the Battle of Neville's Cross; he was imprisoned in Ogle Castle till he was taken to London.


c.      The throne of destiny is made of old red sandstone. Insolently red sandstone is what is south of Bamburgh castle.

                                                  i.      It is possible the track was something like this

1.      Bamburgh

2.      Eridu

3.      Egypt

a.       First housed at the temple of ptah Memphis

b.      Then in the first phase of construction Khufu; in the subterranean chamber

c.       Second phase of construction the kings chamber. Possibly inside the coffer

d.      Inside the house of ptah

e.       Compare and contrast Egyptian Pharoanic wear with a standard Kilt

f.        http://www.costumesofnashua.com/CNWebSite105/Active905/Pages/CostumeRental/Ethnic/Pics%20Ethnic/EthnicR90834Kilt.jpg††http://cdn1.bigcommerce.com/server1700/91362/products/1667/images/1850/Celtic-Interweave-Stone-Kilt-Pin__37126.1311867389.1280.1280.jpghttps://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcThe3Gyi-jKKLhM3Pcepzf4FZTwksUqxlxbJUKdYksPgAgszkznmwhttp://www.christiancostumes.com/catalog/15035.jpg

g.       Aknaten aka Amenhotep IV

h.      File:Akhenaten with blue crown.jpghttp://angelfire.com/mac/calach/celt3.gif

4.      Scotland/ perth Scotland

a.       Perth Scotland

                                                                                                                          i.      Scone cathedral/synagogue

5.      Back to Bamburgh

a.       Castle Bamburgh

6.      Back to Scotland

7.      London

a.       Palace of Westminster

d.      Rosslyn chapel Edinburgh. Which the Ogle Royal family owned from north of the Firth of Forth (the waterway North of Edinburgh) down to York from most of 1066-1600s. The Ogle Royal family owned that same area from 400ce when Rome fell down to York to 800ce. Edinburgh to Ogle castle; it is only 76 miles away, Ogle Castle is the name sake castle in which the Ogle Royal family owned and aided in the creation of FreeMasonry.

e.       To give you an idea how massive the influence of large the army was; hadriens wall is only 5 miles from Ogle castle.


g.       Hadrianís wall is only 5 miles away. So is the city of Bellingham.