Monotheism Pontius and uncle james

I would say most if not all of your information is correct. I would hazard a guess one of your points is (logical assumption) not entirely correct. “when in reality, Pilate probably never even gave two thoughts about ordering Jesus to be crucified” I can see a small action error in this. I find it easiest to track the details of history as you put it “dogma and practice that stemmed from the political alignments and ambitions of the Christian church.” I find it easiest to assemble what caused X action to occur. I can thank my family for forcing me to watch thousands of hours of detective shows and similar movies. The officer canvase of the surrounding area after an event will fill in gigantic gaps left by the evidence. Few if any events take place in a vacuum. So if the episenter of an event is surrounded by politics the surrounding witnesses will be less likely to uphold the company line if the company line did not exist yet.

See as I understand it. Josephus is a male member of a royal family, or Emanuel would not be an appropriate name.

Mary (the wife and mother) would as well have been a member of her own royal line.

The title “king of kings” points to both is parents were high ranking members of different royal Jewish families.

For some kind of proof for this, I can think of about three major examples, before arrest event. “Moneychangers”, “Baptism”, “Temple privileges”, etc. I can think of one major event recorded in multiple ways during the time. Pilot needed a sacrificial lamb to give to both the Philistines and Orthodox Jewish authority for those to remain powerful and for them to cooperate with Rome, making sure he would stay in the political power position he was in. Do well in a backwater governorship and you can move up, mess up and you face the sword. Although I agree very much he did not give that much thought, I would estimate he would have given the matter someplace between a few minutes and five. Does not take much time to figure out how to remove the threats to the powers that be in the area. But what took the time is he would have known by sheer survival why both the philistines and Jews were unhappy with this “upstart”. Royal blood back then was 100 fold more important than we understand. Back then, outside the Roman power base (very very very kind of. Most of the senators and military leaders were from “secret” royal Villanovan, Etruscan, or other families) the only way to have any sway in politics, religion, or military was to be of proper breeding. Western cultures have mostly forgotten that hard fact. Not an aristocrat do not bother applying.

I assume he knew he made a violent and terrible mistake after when he was forced to take a diplomatic meeting with his uncle. Without being a high ranking member of prestigious royal family James the uncle would not have been allowed in Roman section of city, as I understand it the Roman section of those cities at the time was like our “Green Zone” but they had much tougher laws. Breath wrong at a centurion and you did not live long.

Crucifixtion takes 3 days, and the body is left for the crows untouchable till all but totally rotted away. Ref “the excrement demon” from Dogma is a direct example. Why was he stabbed in the heart, taken down after only a few hours and allowed a proper burial? Only Pontious could have ordered that. Only a royal negotiation would have made Pontinous do that. That way everyone got what they wanted.

I will not get into the burial mythology.

You made more points about the new testament but that will be another post.


These early Christians lead by Paul understood that Jews were not the most powerful or influential people in the land. They realized that if their budding religion was going to survive, they had to separate and distinguish themselves from the Jews. Recognizing this, they set out to write the gospels that would eventually form the New Testament in order to ingratiate themselves with the most powerful cultures around, mainly the Roman Empire. Therefore, most of the gospels of the New Testament were written with the goal of convincing Romans that this new emerging group were not Jews, but were part of a new religion whose members were friendly to Romans, not revolutionaries like the Jews. The early gospel writers made Pontius Pilate almost a hero and sympathetic to Jesus of Nazareth, when in reality, Pilate probably never even gave two thoughts about ordering Jesus to be crucified, he was simply one person in a long line of thieves, revolutionaries and other criminals Pilate sent to death. Interestingly Pilate crucified so many people trying to crush potential rebellions that he was recalled to Rome in shame and most likely committed suicide to save face die with some honor.

The authors of the New Testament gospels wanted Rome not to worry about Christians being another group of revolutionaries, which is also why you find much language about being meek, humble and non-violent as these ancient scribes assured the Romans that their people were peaceful and only interested in practising their faith. This just demonstrates that any theologian or scholar will have a difficult time separating the pure teachings of Jesus from dogma and practice that stemmed from the political alignments and ambitions of the Christian church.