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Khufu and Hajj



Giza Theory

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Welling Navigation System







Aliens from another world would not make contact till humans are or at least small groups of humans are capable of interacting with them appropriately.

For an human example; there is no reason to invite an elementary student into a PhD science lab. That is in no way considered an intelligent thing to do. When a culture so advanced to bypass the single number line with a measurement, identification, and data analysis device which actually works, there is no reason at all to interact with humans till we have advanced enough to earn our way into said types of knowledge.


Some of the most advanced research labs in the world are not only not known about, but any information regarding them is entirely strictly need to know. Just because the cultures of the world have proof of those research labs existence from the technology they develop; does not mean just anyone with a phd in advanced mathematics can go there.


If Aliens exist or not; they will almost certainly not make contact till we prove we are ready for said level of advancement. Which is the premise of the star trek movie “first contact” the aliens did not make contact till we proved we had warp capacity.


In a manner of speaking; there is no reason to provide a culture which does not have the capacity to deal with said knowledge the metaphoric equivalency of a loaded gun to a toddler.