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Table of contents

Khufu and Hajj



Giza Theory

FreeMasonic Information

Welling Navigation System





Adams ceremony built into khafre and Khufu and Hajj


Hajj and subterranean chamber has same floor plan of what Hagar did attempting to help Abraham; which Mohammed repeated to create the hajj.



1 ramp down

2 Room (subterranean room has its own)

3 Ramp up

4 Walk way

5 Ramp up

6 Room


1 first ramp down

2 Room; first room to the right (possibly Lilith), second room part of the left side, more of an alcove (same side as Adams rib taken from the flank after the issues with Lilith) eve. Second ramp.

3 Ramp up challenge of the garden

4 Walk way; the challenges or survival out of gods protection

5 room with coffer; this room has the same configuration and orientation of Khufu and a FreeMasonic lodge room. Walkway back north. Passageway to the north. Blockage

Either in the room with the coffer or the blockage; would be the murder of Able. The passage/hallway could be the journey to find god (backtracking) then ask god to bring able back from the dead.

5 Ramp up; the actual ceremony to resurrect able. Which would be repeated in most Egyptian burial ceremonies from 3300-cleopatra, then copied into the roman empire 50bce-400 ce..

6 Room






Khufu subterranean chamber; a well and valley between two hills, each hill has a specific purpose in the hajj Mecca, for all Muslims.





First downward ramp

Room below the stage

Second Ramp up to the stage

Left side of stage Royal area/library, and possible area to store the legendary plates of destiny

Right side of stage priest age.

Third ramp up on the priests area.





Which matches both khafre and the internal superstructure of Khufu


A sideview drawing of the internal structure of the Bent Pyramid in Egypt

A view of the Bent Pyramid burial chamber ceilingmatches the architecture of the grand gallery


The substructure of the Bent Pyramid, including the Burial Chamber

Ramp down,


Ramp up


Ramp up




Solomonís temple middle east



Ramp to the basement; where the eaís would collect their daily tasks. There was a well/cave below the basement; which matches the Khufu subterranean chamger, which also might match what was stored in the right side anti-chamber off the first chamber khafre,

Ramp up to the main floor; where the fc;s could collect their daily tasks, and do devotions

Second up (third ramp total) to the masters area, where the most sacred things occurred.


At the hajj; In the basement of the Masjid is the fountain Zam Zam. Which lies between two hills (two ramps). One down ramp, two up ramps.






same 4 ramps. The last internal ramp leads to a dead end chamber.



1 ramp down

1 khafre

2 Khufu

3 bent

4 Jerusalem

5 Bent

6 Menkaure


2 Room (subterranean room has its own)

3 Ramp up


4 Walk way

5 Ramp up

6 Room